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If you are qualified and want to receive electronic notification when documents are filed in your case(s), or if you have recently been granted permission by a judge of this Court to file documents electronically, complete the form below to register for access to the Court’s electronic filing and case management system (CM/ECF). If you signed up for electronic service (e-service) in one or more previous cases and want to add a new case to your e-service list, you should submit this form again, listing the new case number and the case number of at least one of the cases in which you are already receiving e-service.


  1. You will no longer receive paper copies of court-generated documents in the mail; you will only receive notice by email that a document has been filed.
  2. You must sign up for a PACER account to view the document referenced in the email notice. The email will include a hyperlink which, when clicked, will allow you to view the document on PACER one time, free of charge. To open a PACER account, call 1-800-676-6856 or go to
  3. If this is the first time you have requested access to the court’s electronic filing system, you will be issued an authorization code and temporary ID, which will be sent within three business days to the email address you provide below. Upon receipt, you must follow the instructions in the email to complete the registration process on the PACER website.
  4. If your email address changes, you must file a Notice of Change of Email Address in each of your pending cases. (No particular form of “notice” is required for this purpose, though you may choose to use court form G-06.)

If your address is OUTSIDE the United States, check here:

(Please list any aliases or other names you have used previously to file in the Central District)

I wish to receive documents filed in all my case(s) electronically instead of by U.S. mail.
On * , I was granted permission to electronically file in case number: *

If you have not previously registered for e-service, please list the full case number assigned to each of your cases (pending or terminated) in the Central District of California; this will help us link all of your cases to your e-service registration record. If you have previously registered for e-service and wish to add a new case, provide the full case number of the new case and the full case number of at least one case in which you already receive e-service. Note that if you do not list at least one case, we will be unable to process your request to receive e-service.

If you wish to delete the case from the list below, click on next to the item.

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